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Francis Hunt @francishunt
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MetaVS Advertisements
Advertisers bid on the 4 Ad units associated with your account. The highest bidders win the opportunity to purchase the ad unit(s) for the day. 50% of every ad purchase is credited to your account, and can be withdrawn at any time. If your account already has a minimum price listed the number was created by taking your view count over the last 30 days ( provided by socialblade ) dividing 30 days, dividing by 1000 views and finally multiplying by $5 ( CPM ). All ad units must be family safe, and are manually approved by our team. Once approved the ads are schedule and displayed using our automated ad system. If you would like to be included in the approval process contact the twitter account down below. If you have any questions contact me on twitter @izzycasillasjr
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Youtube Format Requirement
In order to retrieve your videos we need your Channel ID. The bolded text is an example of what we need If your link looks something like this Open any video on your channel, then click your channel username/avatar to return to your channel. The url should now contain the channel id we need. Copy and paste the channel id ONLY If you need any help contact me on twitter @izzycasillasjr
Creator Registration
If you are a creator interested in joining MetaVS DM @izzycasillasjr on twitter for a "registration token". Registration is 100% free this is my current solution to prevent "bad actors" from generating empty, blank, or fake accounts.